Which family member would you turn into a minion?


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Avis Spei

18/03/2024, 11:06:24

My name is Avis Spei and I would turn my dog Kiku (she's a demon and deserves it trust me). into a minion!

kill them with love!

niño ratta

18/03/2024, 04:49:37

My name is niño ratta and I would turn samame into a minion!



27/01/2024, 02:36:16

My name is Segway and I would turn my father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate. into a minion!

by activating my trap card.


29/09/2023, 21:41:43

My name is vexyyy and I would turn my father into a minion!

fill a basket with orangutans and leave it at their doorstep(s)


23/08/2023, 20:58:43

My name is Jahan and I would turn my cousin into a minion!

eat all the butter in the world

Be it widely acknowledged that we deem this man as wise in the ways of warfare.


23/08/2023, 10:46:59

My name is Nicco and I would turn my cousins into a minion!

please tell me more about evade taxes because, argentina un pais con buena gente, also, are you from caba?

seguro sos de la afi pero dejame un contacto y te respondo y si soy de c*ba


30/07/2023, 03:47:41

My name is Tamasa_wpPn and I would turn Tamasa_rePn into a minion!

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09/12/2022, 20:53:08

My name is Wast and I would turn My horrid grandfather (a grandfather in blood alone) into a minion!

Ignore them. They crave a reaction do not give it to them. There is no pain greater for them then you're indifference. (:


18/11/2022, 01:10:48

My name is ophanim and I would turn my father into a minion!

give them lots of hugs!